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Fulham Broadway
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Fulham Broadway
Fulham Broadway. The manor of Fulanham is recorded as early as 691. There has been much speculation about the origin of the name, two explanations being foul-town on account of its muddy ways near the river, or fowl-ham - being the haunt of wild-fowl. Both of these explanations can now be discounted. It is more likely that Fulham is derived from the personal name Fulla and the Old English hamm, 'a water meadow', being descriptive of the low-lying bend in the River Thames at this point - 'The Meadow where Fulla lives', referring to an early Saxon and his family. It has had many changes in spelling and was recorded as Fullam in 1533.

The station was opened as WALHAM GREEN on 1 March 1880; re-named FULHAM BROADWAY 2 March 1952.

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