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Jack the Ripper walk (part one)

Cheswick bridge

Bronze figure of the Buddha Shakyamuni


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Hiroshige Utagawa (1797-1858), Suido Bridge and Surugadai

Palmerston gold chocolate cups


London bridge (part ten)

Hounslow West

St George's Cathedral (Lambeth Road)

Edward Burne-Jones (1833-98), St. George fighting the Dragon

Mithras slaying a bull

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Tooting Beс
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Tooting Beс

Tooting Beс. Tooting was recorded as Totinge in 675 and Totinge in the Domesday Book. From с. 1082 it comprised two manors - that of Upper Tooting and Tooting Bec, held in 1086 by the Abbey of St Mary of Beс in Normandy and Tooting Beс is so named. Tooting is derived from a personal name of the Saxon Tota and the Old English place name word ending ing, literally 'the people who lived at' - Tooting, therefore means - 'the home of Tota's people'. It is suggested that it should be also interpreted as 'people of the look-out place' but this is doubtful as there is no hill in Tooting.

The station was opened as TRINITY ROAD on 13 September 1926; re-named TOOTING ВЕС 1 October 1950.

Tooting Beс

Tooting Broadway before the arrival of the Tube.

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