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A royal appointment
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Fortnum & Mason has long been linked with the Royal Family. Generations of the Fortnum family worked in Royal service, from the reign of Queen Anna onwards. During the long and illustrious reign of Queen Victoria the company received the first of its many Royal Warrants. On 30 August 1867, the company was appointed Grocers and Tea Dealers to her son, Prince Albert, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. Today the world-famous store continues to hold a royal warrant for the Queen for grocers and provisions merchants and as tea merchants and grocers to the Prince of Wales for the regular supply of a range of its products.

A royal appointment

The tea Counter, 1990

A few of Fortnum’s teas have been created uniquely for members of the Royal household. The Royal Blend tea was developed for King Edward VII and is a blend of Assam and low grown Ceylon teas; the latter gives a lighter, more uplifting note to the malty Assam. It is a strong tea and is best drunk with milk.

The Queen Anne blend was created in 1907 on Fortnum’s 200th anniversary to commemorate the reigning monarch at the time of the company’s formation. The tea, with its bright liquor, is refreshing at any time of the day and is a blend of Assam and high grown Ceylon. Although Assam based it is slightly lighter than the Royal Blend and can be taken without milk.

A royal appointment

The shop front, 2007

A request from Buckingham Palace resulted in Fortnum’s Smoky Earl Grey blend. This tea combines the traditional fragrant bergamot with Lapsang and Gunpowder and creates a unique brew.

The history of tea in Britain and the history of the house of Fortnum & Mason, tea dealers and grocers, are inextricably linked. Piccadilly was and is a destination for fine teas from far-away lands, and is the centre of excellence, knowledge and passion for the golden brew that defines a nation. Let us raise a cup to intertwining histories.

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