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Soured cream and chocolate cupcakesDark, rich and very moreish, these cakes are made with unsweetened cocoa powder, which gives them that essential depth of flavour. Pipe your icing if you fancy or spread it on with a palette knife and decorate with fine curls of white chocolate.
Caffeine in TeaThere is nothing quite as reviving as a good cup of tea. All tea contains caffeine, but in less than half the quantity of that contained in coffee. In addition, enjoying a cup of tea after a meal aids digestion as it stimulates the juices in the stomach.
Plum and almond tartletsA sweet short pastry provides a crisp base for the moreish frangipane filling in these irresistible tartlets. Push slices of ripe plum into the almond paste before baking, then finish with a glaze of Fortnum’s signature jelly.
Meringues with double cream and lemon curdMeringues are a unique confection, tasting of far more than the sum of their parts. Crisp with a slightly chewy texture, they are perfect sandwiched together with sweetened softly whipped cream rippled with lemon curd.
Serve with a light tea, such as Fortnum & Mason’s Keemun.
Macadamia and white chocolate browniesA soft squidgy middle is unique to brownies and is achieved by whisking the eggs and sugar until mousse-like, then baking only until the top is crisp. Take care not to overcook them or you will lose this unctuous texture and they will become cake-like.
Almond and rose petal squaresThese dainty almond bites are incased in shortcrust pastry and brought together with Fortnum’s elegant Rose Petal Jelly. They make a delightful addition to afternoon tea. Store for up to a day in an airtight container.
Strawberries and cream cupcakesA spoonful or two of double cream in both the sponge and the buttercream icing provides a sublime richness to the overall finish of these dainty cakes.
Eclairs with fresh cream and raspberries
These little treats are made out of choux pastry, which is both quick and easy to make. Take care when adding the egg that you add only enough to make the dough smooth and shiny; if you add too much the finished éclair will have a heavy texture.
Blueberry and vanilla financiersThere are two theories that surround the name of these delightful moist almond cakes. Some say it comes from the fact that they were popular in the financial area surrounding Paris’s La Bourse du Commerce (Stock Exchange); others believe it is because they are baked in a rectangular mould which resembles a bar of gold. Store in an airtight container and enjoy within three days.
Tea CeremoniesTea is served all around the world, but in counties such as China and Japan it is a ceremony that is at the centre of their culture.