Casket depicting the Adoration of the Magi

Teddington footbridge

London bridge (part twelve)

Battersea shield

Warren Cup

Giant sculpture of a scarab beetle

Westbourne Grove

St Pancras Parish Church

Portland vase

The Irish Guards

Toshusai Sharaku,The Actors Nakamura Wadaemon and Nakamura Konozo

Ravenscourt Park

Northwood Hills

St Barnabas

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Matching teas and cakes
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At Fortnum & Mason we truly believe in pairing tea and cake in the same way that you would match wine with food. Just as it is customary to set off the robust character of red meat with a full-bodied earthy red wine, similar principles can be applied to our tea and cakes; the marriage of individual flavours allows them to complement and enhance each other.

If you like a strong tea, try Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend Tea and enjoy it with a slice of the classic Sacher Torte. The full-bodied, smooth, malty flavour of the tea is the perfect match for the rich chocolate in the cake. However, if you are partial to a scone, team it with Fotnum’s Assam Superb Tea. The plain flavour of this classic afternoon tea treat, whether spread with clotted cream and jam or butter, sits well with this rich, indigenous Indian tea.

Lighter teas are the perfect accompaniment to more delicate sweet treats. Fortnum’s Keemun Tea, with its nutty liquor and scented undertones, is best enjoyed with Meringues with Lemon Curd. If you prefer a white tea, such as Fortnum’s prized White Yunnan Tea, pair it with Éclairs with Fresh Cream and Raspberries or Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes.

Smoked, scented or spiced aromatic teas play best with spices. If your preference is for Fortnum & Mason Smoky Earl Grey Tea, combining bergamot with a little Lapsang and Gunpowder tea leaves, try the Honey, Sultana and Pecan Tea Bread. Rose Pouchong, with its floral fragrance is delicious with the Lavender and Honey Cake.

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