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Charles Daggett's top ten tips on getting your artwork cleaned up
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Charles Daggett's top ten tips on getting your artwork cleaned upThe insider's guide to framing and picture restoration.

1. "If you want to have something restored, shop around and get quotes."

2. "Ask to look at work that has been done by the restorer."

3. "Always go on recommendations. If they're good, an antique dealer within your area will know of them."

4. "Mutually decide how far they want to go. You can restore endlessly and become so pedantic about it you get obsessed with it."

5. "Make your judgement very carefully. For instance, in picture restoration, you have to understand the chemical business of how paint operates and someone who doesn't understand that can just start cleaning and take the paint off."

6. "A notorious problem with picture restoration is that it can take longer than you'd think."

7. "Set a price before you begin and write it down, because if you're a good restorer you're probably not a good businessman."

8. "The next couple of years will be a good time to buy antiques. Prices are down and people are hungrier than they were before."

9. "Nearly anything can be restored. The only materials likely to lose their value are damaged glass and damaged porcelain. They become fragmented and broken."

10. "A picture will always look better if it's presented in a frame contemporaneous with the date of the picture, and an antique frame can make a copy look like the real thing."

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