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Pisanello (с. 1395-1455), cast bronze medal of John VIII Palaeologus, emperor of Byzantium

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Geometric krater painted with a couple and a ship with oarsmen
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This KRATER (wine-mixing bowl) is decorated with a scene of a couple standing beside a ship. The scene clearly seems to portray a leave-taking and has been interpreted as a mythological scene, possibly Theseus taking Ariadne from Crete, or Paris abducting Helen from Sparta. The woman, with shoulder-length hair, is wearing a long skirt and holding what is probably a wreath. She is being held at her left wrist by a man who looks back at her while stepping towards the rear of the ship, perhaps to board it via the two gangplanks. The ship has a long prow and is the first known representation of a vessel manned by two tiers of oarsmen.

Geometric krater painted with a couple and a ship with oarsmen

Said to be from the region of Thebes, Boeotia, Greece c. 735-720 вс
Ht 30 cm

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